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Sabtu, 31 Agustus 2013

---==[get acces token]==--

---===[get acces token]===---

Steps to Get Access Token:

1.) Click Here to get your access token 2.) You will see your token at the link after you click on the 1st step.

3.)Allow the Application means click on Login with Facebook 4.)You will get a url something like this : https://www.facebook.com/#access_token=BAACgwGsBAEdZClNlS5fgAUw3dVsb3SxBglNwFSDz3R7ZBjbb7E0phC49DjyN7JyrNVE4dIZAZB7mGUvlwpbMKTLZAfd84JD495UDeitrd&expires_in=0 5.) the red color is your "Access Token"
or acces token via